Emir of Ilorin Defends Muslim Group’s Action Against Shared Worship Centre

The palace of the Emir of Ilorin, Dr. Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, has defended the actions of a Muslim group that disrupted a worship center hosting both Christian and Islamic services in Ilorin, Kwara State. The incident, captured in a video posted on Facebook, showed group members, led by a man named “Olojatuntun,” insisting that the center, originally a mosque, should only serve Muslim worshippers.

The Emir’s spokesman, Abdulazeez Arowona, justified the group’s intervention, emphasizing that mosques are exclusively for Muslim worship as per Islamic teachings. “Mosques are sacred places of worship for Muslims and should not be used for any other thing as contained in the Holy Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” Arowona stated.

Arowona stressed the importance of maintaining the sanctity of religious spaces and preventing any misuse that could disrespect religious practices. “All hands must be on the deck towards ensuring that no religion should be dragged to the mud in the name of promoting ventures to spiritual engagements or deliverance of any kind,” he said.

He further explained that religion has clear guidelines on how it should be practiced, which must be respected to ensure peaceful coexistence among different religious groups in the Ilorin Emirate and beyond. “There’s a clear definition of religion, and how and when it should be practised by adherents. There is no contradiction in the methods adopted by individuals or groups on how religions should be practised,” Arowona added.


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