Elderly Man Injured in Ilorin Residential Fire Incident

A residential building in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, was engulfed in flames on Saturday morning, leaving an 86-year-old man injured. According to Hassan Adekunle, spokesperson for the Kwara State Fire Service, the fire erupted around noon, causing damage to one room in the 12-room building located on Afolayan Street.

The fire reportedly started while the octogenarian was cooking, but he momentarily stepped out and returned to find his apartment ablaze. Despite efforts by firefighters to contain the inferno and prevent further damage to adjacent buildings, belongings and personal items were lost in the blaze.

In a distressing turn of events, the elderly occupant re-entered the burning apartment, likely in an attempt to salvage belongings, and sustained injuries, including burns to his hair. He was promptly rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Hassan Adekunle emphasized the importance of fire safety awareness and urged residents to remain vigilant, expressing sympathy for the victim and commending the firefighters for their prompt response.


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