Earthquake Rattles New York City, United Nations Meeting Temporarily Halted

New York City, known for its bustling streets and iconic skyline, experienced an unexpected shake on Friday as a 4.8 magnitude earthquake jolted the city, causing tremors felt across the region. Despite the momentary disruption, no injuries were reported, and the city’s landmarks remained unscathed.

The tremor, centered in Lebanon, New Jersey, near New York City, caught residents off guard, with store supervisor Dominika Uniejewska describing the sensation as unprecedented. Buildings in Brooklyn shook, while at the United Nations headquarters, diplomats were momentarily shaken during a Security Council meeting on Gaza.

The Empire State Building assured its followers of its safety on social media, while emergency alerts advised residents to remain indoors and contact 911 if injured. Flight operations were briefly halted at several airports in the region, including La Guardia and Newark, as a precautionary measure.

Social media users shared their experiences of the earthquake, with humorous posts about rebuilding knocked-over garden furniture. The United States Geological Survey explained the rarity of earthquakes along the Atlantic Coast, noting the absence of an active plate boundary between the Atlantic and North American plates.

US President Joe Biden was briefed on the earthquake, with the White House monitoring the situation closely alongside federal, state, and local officials. Governor Kathy Hochul emphasized the unusual nature of earthquakes in New York and urged residents to stay vigilant for possible aftershocks.


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