Coroner Clears Dowen College Students of Wrongdoing in Sylvester Oromoni’s Death

After a comprehensive inquiry into the tragic death of Dowen College student Sylvester Oromoni, Lagos Coroner Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri has absolved the school and its students of any culpability, ruling the demise as a natural occurrence. However, he emphasized that the death could have been avoided, pointing to negligence on the part of both parents and the medical team.

In a lengthy judgment spanning over six hours, Magistrate Kadiri exonerated certain Dowen College students implicated in the incident, stating they played no role in Sylvester’s passing and should not have been implicated. The coroner’s verdict underscores the need for a nuanced understanding of the events leading to the tragedy.

While delivering the judgment, Magistrate Kadiri issued recommendations aimed at preventing similar occurrences in the future. He urged parents not to underestimate their children’s health concerns, emphasizing the importance of proactive healthcare measures. Additionally, he called for improved collaboration between law enforcement and medical professionals to ensure thorough investigations and cautious handling of cases.

Furthermore, the coroner advised Dowen College management to enhance student monitoring by implementing proper documentation of hostel entry and exit. Additionally, he recommended comprehensive psychological evaluations for the five students suspected of involvement in the alleged bullying of the deceased.

The coroner’s recommendations signal a proactive approach to addressing systemic issues that may have contributed to Sylvester’s untimely demise.

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