Bishop Kukah’s Easter Message: A Call for National Healing and Strategic Reforms

In his Easter message, Catholic Bishop Matthew Kukah of Sokoto Diocese issued a poignant call for national healing and strategic reforms in Nigeria. He lamented over 60 years of leadership characterized by incompetence, corruption, and a lack of vision, likening Nigerian leaders to men in a drunken stupor stumbling in search of the way home.

Highlighting the urgent need for change, Bishop Kukah urged the Federal Government to develop a robust template for national healing, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and transparency in governance. He called for an end to the culture of nepotism and advocated for transparent recruitment processes to foster patriotism and combat feudalism.

Furthermore, Bishop Kukah emphasized the necessity of clear communication strategies to inspire hope and accountability in achieving national goals. He criticized the current state of the security architecture, describing the military’s pervasive presence as detrimental to both professionalism and integrity.

Proposing solutions, Bishop Kukah urged decisive action against insecurity, urging President Bola Tinubu to treat kidnapping and banditry as acts of terrorism. He called for comprehensive plans to address food and physical security, advocating for agricultural reforms to restore dignity and honor to the nation.


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