Benin Traditional Council Suspends Functionaries Over Alleged Sacrilegious Conduct

In a significant move, the Benin Traditional Council has announced the suspension of five traditional functionaries for their involvement in what it describes as sacrilegious conduct against Benin customs and traditions.

The suspension, disclosed in a statement signed by the Iyase of Benin, Chief Sam Igbe, on Saturday, comes in response to the functionaries’ visit to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi. During the visit, the individuals allegedly misrepresented themselves as emissaries of the Oba of Benin and provided inaccurate information regarding the historical connection between the Benin Royal Dynasty and the Ooni-ship of Ife.

The statement issued by the Benin Traditional Council condemned the actions of the suspended functionaries, identifying them as Johnbull Igbinosun, Iduhonre (Ihogbe), S.E. Aigbiremwen, Efesieoghoba (Ogbelaka), along with two other Ogbelaka functionaries named Ogbeide Osagie and Osamudiame Edo. The council characterized their conduct as inappropriate, sacrilegious, and aimed at ridiculing traditional history.

Furthermore, the council emphasized that the suspended individuals falsely declared themselves subjects of the Ooni of Ife and provided distorted accounts of the historical relationship between the Benin Royal Dynasty and the Ooni-ship of Ife. In response, the Benin Traditional Council moved swiftly to suspend them from their roles as traditional functionaries within the Benin kingdom.

The statement urged the general public to disregard the misinformation propagated by the suspended functionaries and advised against engaging with them in any capacity during their suspension. Additionally, the council emphasized the authoritative account of the historical connection between the two ancient monarchies, as documented in the book “I Remain, Sir, Your Obedient Servant” authored by His Royal Majesty, Oba Erediauwa, Oba of Benin (1979 — 2016).


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