Bashir El-Rufai Clashes with Governor Uba Sani Over Kaduna Debt

Bashir El-Rufai, son of former Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai, has engaged in a verbal exchange with Governor Uba Sani over remarks regarding the state’s debt situation.

Governor Sani recently disclosed that the El-Rufai administration left behind a significant debt burden of $587 million, N85 billion, and 115 contractual liabilities, affecting the state’s ability to meet financial obligations such as salary payments.

In response, Bashir El-Rufai criticized Governor Sani, accusing him of seeking a scapegoat for his administration’s shortcomings. He alleged that incompetence and ineffective governance were the root causes of the state’s financial challenges.

Taking to his social media platform, Bashir expressed disdain for what he deemed as Governor Sani’s attempt to deflect responsibility. He highlighted alleged governance lapses, including the governor’s purported absence from the state capital and the appointment of unqualified aides.

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