Bandits Surrender Weapons, Signal Hope for Peace in Plateau State

In a significant development, bandits terrorizing communities in Plateau State have voluntarily surrendered their weapons to the state government. Brig.Gen. Gakji Shipi, the Special Adviser to Governor Caleb Mutfwang on Security and Homeland Safety, revealed this during a briefing in Jos, the state capital.

Shipi explained that the state government had employed both kinetic and non-kinetic approaches to address the security challenges, with efforts to restore permanent peace starting to yield positive results. He highlighted the success of operations in Wase Local Government, where armed banditry and cross-boundary attacks had been prevalent.

The surrender of weapons by the bandits marks a significant step towards peacebuilding efforts in Plateau State. Shipi emphasized that negotiations and discussions played a crucial role in convincing the bandits to lay down their arms. He expressed hope for further progress in engaging with the bandits to encourage their full participation in peacebuilding initiatives.

Shipi underscored the commitment of the Caleb Muftwang-led administration to restoring peace across the state and commended the efforts of security agencies in achieving this goal. The surrendered weapons, including AK-47s, signify a tangible step towards peace and security in Plateau State.

The gesture of surrendering weapons by the bandits reflects a willingness to engage in dialogue and seek peaceful resolutions to the ongoing conflict. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of a holistic approach that combines military operations with diplomatic efforts to address security challenges.


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