Anambra State Labour Unions Issue Ultimatum to Governor Soludo Over Worker Welfare

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in Anambra State have jointly issued a stern ultimatum to Governor Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, demanding urgent action to address various issues affecting workers’ welfare in the state.

In a joint communiqué signed by NLC leader Humphrey Nwafor and TUC leader Chris Ogbonna, the labour unions highlighted several grievances, including concerns over the contributory pension scheme, which they labeled a “scam.” They raised alarm over the deduction of workers’ salaries without corresponding remittances by the government, leading to retired workers being unable to access their rightful benefits.

The unions also called for the immediate dissolution of the Ndi-Olu microfinance board, citing allegations of inhumane and fraudulent activities within the institution. Additionally, they criticized the non-constitution of the civil service commission, viewing it as a deliberate attempt to hinder workers’ promotion and entitlements.

Furthermore, the labour leaders demanded the appointment of permanent secretaries to ensure the smooth administration of the civil service, condemning the government’s failure to make appointments for two years and the utilization of only three permanent secretaries to oversee 22 MDAs as insensitive actions.

Expressing disappointment over the abrupt removal of the N12,000 wage award, despite prevailing hardship, the unions urged the Anambra State government to emulate its counterparts in providing palliative measures and reviewing the wage award until the full implementation of the new minimum wage.


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