Air Peace Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Lagos Following False Fire Alarm

An Air Peace plane, en route from Port Harcourt, was forced to make an emergency landing at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos on Thursday. The decision came after the pilots detected a fire warning indicator in the cockpit. With 243 passengers and 12 crew members on board, the aircraft safely touched down at 4:45 pm on Runway18L of the Lagos airport.

Following protocol, the pilots swiftly shut down the engines upon observation of smoke by fire fighting personnel. The aircraft, identified by its call sign APK7193, underwent thorough inspection after landing.

In a subsequent statement titled “Notification of False Fire Alarm on Port Harcourt-Lagos Flight,” Air Peace clarified the situation. The airline disclosed that the fire warning indicator, detected minutes before landing, turned out to be false. The pilots diligently executed safety measures, and upon landing, it was confirmed that there was no fire event. All passengers disembarked safely.


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