Accusations Fly as Osun Governor Raises Security Concerns

The Osun State political landscape ignited with controversy as the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) engaged in a heated exchange over Governor Ademola Adeleke’s recent security alarm.

Governor Adeleke sounded the alarm on purported plans by hoodlums to target schools and farm settlements in the state. Citing intelligence reports, he expressed concerns about potential abductions and attacks, prompting a summoning of a security council meeting to address the situation.

However, the APC swiftly responded, with state chairman Tajudeen Lawal dismissing Adeleke’s alert as a fabrication. Accusing the governor of diversionary tactics, Lawal criticized Adeleke for allegedly prioritizing political maneuvers over governance, citing perceived failures in delivering on campaign promises.

In a sharp rebuttal, the PDP chairman in the state, Mr. Sunday Bisi, condemned the APC’s denial of security threats as inhumane and unpatriotic. Bisi defended Adeleke’s actions, emphasizing the importance of proactive security measures and applauding the governor’s foresight in convening the security council meeting.

Bisi further criticized the APC for politicizing the issue, urging them to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation rather than engaging in partisan gamesmanship. He underscored the PDP’s commitment to addressing the state’s developmental challenges and delivering social programs aimed at uplifting the populace.


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