Abia Governor Otti Vows to Prioritize Masses’ Welfare, Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has pledged to prioritize the welfare of the masses, declaring that it is time for the people to enjoy the dividends of democracy. He criticized past administrations for allegedly neglecting the needs of the common people while serving the interests of a privileged few.

Addressing a delegation from the National Institute for Security Studies, Abuja, Otti emphasized his commitment to good governance during a gathering at Government House Umuahia. He highlighted recent initiatives aimed at benefiting the masses, including the clearance of pension arrears dating back to 2014 and the implementation of a monthly payment schedule for pensioners and workers.

“This is the people’s time, politicians have helped themselves enough for the past 24 years,” Otti asserted, underlining his administration’s determination to prioritize the needs of the masses over the interests of politicians.

Commenting on the theme of the research work conducted by the visiting delegation, which focused on “Artificial Intelligence, Security, and Emerging Economies in Africa: Challenges and Prospects,” Otti stressed the importance of embracing artificial intelligence (AI) in governance. He cited examples of AI’s significance in various sectors, particularly in cybersecurity and combating financial crimes.

“Reject AI to your peril,” Otti warned, urging Nigeria to harness the potential of AI to address evolving security challenges and promote economic development. He emphasized the need to engage youths proficient in AI to drive innovation and address contemporary challenges effectively.

Furthermore, Otti reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to maintaining a positive relationship with security agencies in the state. He vowed not to misuse security operatives for personal or political gain, emphasizing his administration’s adherence to the rule of law and respect for human rights.

In response, Dr. Adegboyega Karim, the team leader of the visiting delegation, commended Otti for his administration’s developmental efforts and commitment to supporting federal institutions in Abia State. He praised the governor for his investments in healthcare infrastructure and expressed confidence that Abia would soon become a model state if development efforts are sustained.

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