Abductors Demand N100 Million Ransom for Kidnapped Ekiti Schoolchildren and Teachers

The tragic situation in Ekiti State, Nigeria, has escalated with the recent kidnapping of five students and four staff members from Apostolic Faith Group of Schools in Emure Ekiti. The kidnappers have demanded a hefty ransom of N100 million for the release of the nine victims, placing immense strain on the families and the community.

The principal of the school, Boje Olanireti, confirmed the ransom demand and detailed the harrowing incident that took place during the school bus ride home. The gunmen shot the vehicle’s tire, forced the children out, and then selected their victims, leaving the others traumatized and frightened.

The community and local authorities are responding with urgency to this crisis. The Aremo of Emure Kingdom, Chief Clement Akinola, has appealed to the state government for assistance and emphasized the need for enhanced security measures, particularly military checkpoints, along the borders with Ondo State.

The police in Ekiti State have also acted swiftly, arresting five suspected kidnappers in a joint operation with other security forces. The suspects, initially claiming to be herdsmen, were found without cattle, raising suspicions about their activities.

Ekiti State Governor Biodun Oyebanji, during condolence visits to the palaces of two recently murdered monarchs, expressed his determination to tackle the rising insecurity and ensure the safety of the state’s residents. The governor’s commitment to addressing these issues is echoed by the broader community, who are calling for more robust security measures and support from the national government.

Former governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has also condemned the killings and kidnapping, urging decisive action against the perpetrators. His call for an all-society approach to solving these problems reflects the gravity of the situation and the need for a coordinated response.

In Ibadan, traditional chieftains have expressed their readiness to take action against the spread of criminal activities, underlining the collective resolve to combat this menace.

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