Yvonne Jegede Defends Yul Edochie’s Choice to Embrace Polygamy

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has come to the defense of fellow actor Yul Edochie amid criticisms over his decision to take a second wife. Speaking on a recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, Jegede stated that she sees nothing wrong with Edochie’s embrace of polygamy.

Jegede pointed out that many of those criticizing Edochie come from polygamous backgrounds themselves. “You see this same Yul Edochie, ehn, 99% of people that are abusing him on the internet are from second wives, third wives, fourth wives, and even fifth wives,” she noted. “Sometimes some of them come from wives the family does not even know about; let’s all stop being silly on the internet.”

Acknowledging the widespread criticism Edochie has faced, Jegede praised his transparency. “He is owning his BS with his chest, but nobody is going to support him, even me. I have to stand with the crowd so they don’t curse me. I don’t see anything he’s done wrong; most of us are from second wives.”

Jegede also highlighted the double standards in public reactions to polygamous relationships, specifically mentioning billionaire Ned Nwoko and his young wife, actress Regina Daniels. “Why are we cursing the guy? They would curse him and leave Ned Nwoko alone, and say Regina Daniels is your prayer point, and she’s the only one that can advise you about marriage. These are the comments I see,” she observed.

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