Yul Edochie Embraces Spiritual Calling, Launches Online Ministry

Renowned Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has embarked on a new spiritual journey, launching his online ministry titled True Salvation Ministry. The inaugural service of this digital church was conducted on his YouTube channel, marking a significant transition in his life and career.

During this first online service, Yul Edochie opened up about his divine calling and the moments that led him to embrace this new path. He recounted how he had been earmarked for religious ministry by several pastors since 2012-2013, but it wasn’t until a near-fatal car accident on the Ore road that he fully accepted his destiny. This incident, he described, was the catalyst that transformed his life, with a clear voice guiding him towards dedicating his existence to serving God and humanity.

Yul’s recounting of his spiritual awakening was profound. He shared, “As far back as 2012, 2013, I’ll meet a couple of men of God, pastors and they will always tell me that you are destined to be a minister of God, you can’t run away from it, you are going to be a minister. As time went by I started to hear the voice myself like anywhere I am, most of the time when I’m in an enclosed place, just me, I’ll be hearing that voice telling me you are going to work for God.”

Initially, Yul had envisioned establishing a physical church with a large congregation, but according to him, divine intervention led him to adopt a more humble approach. Embracing the resources available to him, he opted for an online platform to spread his message, a decision that aligns with the digital era’s expansive reach.

This transition from a celebrated actor to a minister is not just a change in profession for Yul, but a deeper, more personal transformation. Last week, he officially announced the launch of his Christian programme, True Salvation Ministry, on YouTube, where he intends to deliver sermons and share his spiritual insights.

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