Yemi Alade’s “Rebel Queen” Album Set to Break Musical Boundaries


Award-winning music sensation Yemi Alade is set to release her highly anticipated sixth studio album, “Rebel Queen,” which she says will push the boundaries of African music and inspire a new generation of artists.

“Rebel Queen,” Alade’s 10th musical project, showcases her innovative spirit and dedication to expanding the horizons of her genre. In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, Alade articulated her vision for the album, declaring, “I am a true rebel in words and in action. I’ve always charted my own course and walked the path less travelled. ‘Rebel Queen’ embodies this spirit, blending the new and old, the familiar and the unexpected.”

Fans eagerly await the release, anticipating a transformative musical experience that highlights Alade’s unique artistry and commitment to creativity.

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