Yemi Alade Criticizes Colleagues for Undermining Afrobeats Genre


Renowned Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, has taken a firm stance against her peers who discredit the Afrobeats genre, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Nigerian music. In a candid social media post, the ‘Johnny’ crooner condemned what she perceives as hypocrisy among artists who downplay the significance of Afrobeats in their musical evolution.

Alade articulated her perspective, acknowledging that artists have the prerogative to distance themselves from specific genres if they believe it does not align with their artistic vision. However, she underscored the importance of acknowledging the genre’s influence, asserting that Afrobeats has been instrumental in the growth and development of every Nigerian artist.

In her statement shared on her social media handle, Alade advocated for transparency and authenticity in artists’ portrayal of their musical identity, urging them to embrace their chosen genres without diminishing the broader cultural significance of Afrobeats.

Alade’s critique emerges amidst a backdrop of notable Nigerian singers, including Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy, publicly disavowing the Afrobeats label. These artists have expressed frustration with being pigeonholed into a singular genre, asserting that their musical styles transcend the confines of Afrobeats.

While acknowledging the diversity within the Nigerian music landscape, Alade’s impassioned plea for acknowledgment of Afrobeats’ contributions highlights the ongoing dialogue surrounding artistic identity and genre classification.


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