World Netball Implements Ban on Transgender Women in International Competition

World Netball has announced a ban on transgender women from competing in women’s international netball with immediate effect, following the release of a new participation and inclusion policy.

The decision comes after a thorough consultation process, during which World Netball concluded that international women’s netball is a “gender affected activity” requiring a policy to ensure fairness and safety. According to the new policy, participation at the international level will be restricted to individuals recorded as female at birth, regardless of gender identity. Transgender athletes must demonstrate to World Netball’s satisfaction that they have not experienced the biological effects of testosterone at any time to be eligible for competition.

In a statement, World Netball emphasized the robustness of the research on which the decision was based, citing multiple studies published in peer-reviewed journals from various research groups worldwide.

While the international policy is set by World Netball, national governing bodies have the flexibility to modify or choose not to apply these guidelines based on other factors.

England Netball responded to the announcement, expressing their commitment to ensuring netball’s safety, fairness, and inclusivity. They stated that their current guidance is under review, and further updates will be shared in due course.

Similar moves have been made by other sports organizations, with swimming’s world governing body, Fina, voting in June 2022 to prohibit transgender athletes from competing in women’s elite events if they had undergone any part of male puberty. Additionally, rugby, athletics, cycling, and cricket have implemented bans on transgender women participating in female categories at international events.

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