Woman Accusing Red Bull’s Christian Horner Feels “Angry, Scared, and Lonely”

A woman who lodged a complaint against Red Bull team principal Christian Horner in December has been described as feeling “very upset, angry, scared, intimidated, and lonely” by a family friend, BBC Sport reports.

The complaint, which contained allegations of coercive, abusive behavior, and sexual harassment by Horner, was dismissed by Red Bull after an internal investigation cleared Horner of any wrongdoing.

According to the friend, the woman, who remains anonymous due to a legal undertaking, is unable to discuss her claims except with her father and brother. She signed a confidentiality agreement with Red Bull, preventing her from speaking about the matter publicly.

The leaked cache of messages, purportedly involving Horner, has added to the woman’s distress. While Horner has described the messages as “anonymous” and refused to comment on their contents, the friend claims they are genuine exchanges between Horner and the complainant.

Despite facing legal threats and suspension from Red Bull, the woman remains determined to pursue her case. She has appealed against Red Bull’s decision and has made F1’s governing body, the FIA, aware of the situation, urging them to investigate.

The friend emphasized the woman’s bravery in coming forward with her allegations and expressed concern about her future in motorsport given the circumstances. Despite feeling isolated and unable to openly communicate with friends and family, the woman remains resolute in seeking the truth.

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