Visually-Impaired Mother Welcomes Twins Amidst Search for Missing Daughter

Agnes Forte, a visually-impaired mother from Akowonjo in the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State, recently welcomed a set of twins amidst the ongoing search for her one-year-old daughter, Excel, who went missing on November 28, 2023.

According to reports, Agnes gave birth to the newborn babies in the early hours of Wednesday, marking a bittersweet moment in her life. The delivery, which came barely four months after Excel’s disappearance, has brought both joy and renewed hope to the family.

Excel was last seen in the company of her step-sister, Joy, before her disappearance. Agnes, recalling the incident, mentioned that she was in the room when Joy and Excel were playing in the corridor of their apartment. However, she lost track of their voices and subsequent attempts to locate them proved futile.

In an interview, Agnes expressed gratitude to God for the safe delivery of her twins while maintaining optimism about finding her missing daughter. She said, “I thank God for the safe delivery and the blessings of a set of twins. I am also hopeful that my missing daughter will be found.”

Despite the joyous occasion, Agnes faces challenges related to hospital bills accrued after delivery. She lamented her inability to settle the bills, citing financial constraints. Agnes revealed that she has been at the hospital since Wednesday, awaiting discharge, but the delay persists due to outstanding bills.

“I have not been able to settle my hospital bills. That is why I have been here since Wednesday. My husband has been trying but he is yet to raise the money. The hospital management told us to get the money or they will ask us to sleep on the floor due to bed space,” Agnes shared, highlighting the urgent need for financial assistance.


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