Victony Unveils Surprising Backup Plan and Fashion Inspiration


Nigerian singer Anthony Victor, popularly known as Victony, has offered a glimpse into his alternate career path, disclosing that if he hadn’t pursued a career in music, he would have explored the movie industry. The ‘Soweto’ crooner, while admitting he isn’t a seasoned actor, expressed a willingness to give acting a shot nonetheless.

In a recent interview with MTV Base, Victony shared, “I would have been acting if I wasn’t an artist. I don’t know how to act though, but I can try.” This revelation showcases the artist’s versatility and openness to exploring different creative avenues.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Victony shed light on his distinctive fashion sense, attributing it to his father’s influence. He emphasized watching his dad’s old-school dressing style during his upbringing, which he adopted and incorporated into his own look. According to Victony, his fashion choices are a genuine reflection of his background, story, and overall identity.

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