Verdict: Three Men Ordered to Sweep Court Premises for Two Weeks

In a recent ruling by a Grade 1 Area Court in Abuja, three men were ordered to undertake community service by sweeping the court premises for a period of two weeks. The individuals, identified as Kabiru Abubakar, Sani Isa, and Yusuf Isiaka, were found guilty of constituting public nuisance. The judge presiding over the case, Aliyu Alhassan, did not provide the option to pay a fine but instead mandated them to engage in community service as a form of punishment.

The defendants, who had no fixed addresses, had pleaded guilty to the charge of public nuisance. The prosecution counsel, Olarewaju Osho, informed the court that the butchers were apprehended on March 2 during a police raid on a blackspot known for illegal activities, including drug dealing.

The ruling was based on Section 198 of the Penal Code, which addresses public nuisance and prescribes punishment for such offenses. The judge’s decision reflects a commitment to enforcing community standards and deterring individuals from engaging in activities that disrupt public order and safety.

By ordering the defendants to perform community service, the court aims to rehabilitate them while also sending a message to others that public nuisance will not be tolerated.

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