Venita Defends Nudity in Rap Video, Citing Beyoncé as Inspiration


Big Brother Naija alumna and emerging rapper, Venita Akpofure, has sparked a debate on social media after defending her choice of attire in her latest rap video, ‘Gen Z Cypher,’ where she appeared scantily clad alongside Magnito.

A clip from the video shared by Venita on her X handle garnered attention, with one user criticizing her for displaying nudity, particularly as a mother of three. The commenter expressed their discomfort, stating, “Person wey get three pikin for house see wetin she wear her shame dey shame me.”

Undeterred, Venita fired back, drawing parallels with her idol, Beyoncé, who is renowned for her boundary-pushing performances despite being a mother of three herself. Venita asserted, “My dear I no Dey shame, keep your shame for yourself, I go Dey follow my Beyoncé jejely de go. Who also has 3 kids, wears bodysuits to perform and is billionaire household name. Go hard = Venita. Go home = you.”

The exchange highlights a broader conversation about artistic expression, motherhood, and societal expectations. Venita’s defense echoes the empowerment narratives often associated with Beyoncé’s career, where the embrace of sensuality and confidence is seen as a form of liberation rather than shame.

As the discourse unfolds online, Venita remains steadfast in her artistic choices, drawing inspiration from icons like Beyoncé as she navigates her own path in the entertainment industry.

The interaction serves as a reminder of the diverse perspectives within the entertainment sphere, where individual interpretations of freedom and expression vary widely. Venita’s unapologetic stance reinforces the notion that creativity knows no bounds, regardless of societal norms or personal opinions.

In a landscape where boundaries are continually pushed and redefined, Venita’s declaration to follow in Beyoncé’s footsteps signals a determination to carve out her own legacy, unencumbered by judgment or criticism.

As the conversation surrounding Venita’s artistic direction continues to evolve, one thing remains clear: in the realm of entertainment, authenticity and self-expression reign supreme.

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