University College Hospital, Ibadan Denies Owning N495 Million Electricity Bill

The University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan has refuted claims of owing the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) a staggering N495 million electricity bill, stating that such insinuations are unfounded. Mrs. Funmilayo Adetuyibi, the Public Relations Officer of UCH, clarified the hospital’s position in a statement released to the News Agency of Nigeria.

IBEDC had reportedly disconnected power supply to UCH due to what it alleged as an accumulated bill of N495 million, resulting in the facility being plunged into darkness. However, Adetuyibi countered these claims by providing detailed information regarding the hospital’s financial records and efforts to address outstanding bills.

Adetuyibi disclosed that the current administration of UCH, led by Prof. Jesse Otegbayo, assumed office in March 2019 inheriting a debt of over N27 million as of February 2019. Since then, the hospital has been diligently making monthly payments for electricity bills and working to settle backlogs inherited from previous administrations.

Despite the hospital’s proactive approach in engaging with IBEDC and presenting a payment plan to offset outstanding debts, Adetuyibi revealed that IBEDC rejected the proposed plan and demanded an upfront payment of N250 million within three months.

Addressing concerns about the hospital’s expenditure on diesel and water supply, Adetuyibi clarified that the reported monthly expenditure of N160 million on diesel was inaccurate, with actual expenses ranging from N15 million to N17 million. She also dismissed claims of patients’ relatives purchasing sachet water due to water scarcity, affirming the hospital’s reliance on generators to pump water.

Additionally, Adetuyibi highlighted UCH’s efforts to mitigate energy challenges by installing solar inverters in various departments and establishing an energy committee to address long-term solutions.


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