Ubi Franklin Recounts Canceling P-Square’s Deal to Sign Iyanya

Renowned Nigerian music executive and talent manager, Ubi Franklin, has shared the story of how he made the decision to cancel a potential deal between P-Square and singer Iyanya.

In an interview gaining traction on the Afrobeats podcast with Adesope Olajide, Franklin delved into the pivotal moment when P-Square expressed interest in signing Iyanya, but the encounter took an unexpected turn.

Franklin vividly described the encounter, recalling how he, alongside P-Square’s Paul, Peter, and their manager, Jude Okoye, convened at the duo’s residence. However, he was asked to wait outside while they discussed business with Iyanya, leaving him feeling disregarded and slighted.

Reflecting on the incident, Franklin revealed the internal conflict he experienced, stating, “I was boiling outside.” Despite the lucrative opportunity presented by P-Square, he opted to prioritize his dignity and integrity, declaring, “even if I was offered $50 million, I would reject the deal.”

Franklin further emphasized his stance by revealing that Eldee’s offer surpassed that of P-Square, underscoring his unwavering commitment to his principles and the artists he represents.

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