Trump Proposes Tax-Free Tips at Las Vegas Rally, Faces Criticism from Culinary Union

At a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Sunday, former President Donald Trump put forward a proposal to eliminate taxes on tips, aiming to appeal to voters in Nevada, a crucial swing state with a significant number of service industry workers.

This proposal, announced during Trump’s first campaign rally since his recent conviction in a New York trial, was met with swift criticism from Nevada’s influential Culinary Union, which dismissed it as “wild campaign promises from a convicted felon.”

Trump’s visit to Las Vegas follows a series of fundraising events in California and Arizona, including a high-dollar fundraiser hosted by construction equipment tycoon Don Ahern. According to Trump’s co-campaign manager Chris LaCivita, these events raised a total of $27.5 million.

Amidst his campaign efforts, Trump’s administration is pushing for a $50 billion loan package to Ukraine, seeking support from fellow G7 nations. Despite ongoing negotiations, consensus among the seven nations has yet to be reached. The urgency for financial assistance stems from Ukraine’s dire circumstances as it faces continued Russian aggression.

In Nevada, Trump also launched a new “Latino Americans for Trump” coalition, aiming to bolster support among Hispanic voters ahead of the upcoming election. Recent polling suggests a shift towards Trump among Hispanic voters, potentially impacting the battleground state’s electoral outcome.

During the rally, Trump emphasized his commitment to service industry workers, promising to eliminate taxes on tips. However, this proposal was met with skepticism from the Culinary Workers Union Local 226, which questioned its feasibility and criticized it as a “wild campaign promise.”

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