Trump and Biden Neck and Neck in Presidential Race, New Poll Finds

A fresh poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College reveals that the race for the presidency between Donald Trump and Joe Biden remains incredibly tight, with registered voters nationwide evenly split, showing 46% support for Trump and 45% for Biden, leaving no clear frontrunner in the competition.

This latest data marks a significant shift from the previous Times/Siena survey in late-February, where Trump held a five-point lead. However, it aligns closely with the current CNN Poll of Polls average, illustrating 48% support for each candidate when integrating the new poll. In comparison, the earlier Times/Siena poll indicated a 48% to 46% advantage for Trump, indicating a more pronounced change in perception since early March.

The survey also indicates that public perception of the country’s state remains largely unchanged, with a majority of voters still expressing concern about the nation’s direction, with 64% feeling it’s heading in the wrong direction. Additionally, Biden’s approval rating remains deeply negative, with only 38% of respondents approving of his performance while 59% disapprove. Moreover, the economy continues to receive predominantly negative ratings, with 79% of respondents rating economic conditions as only fair or poor.

As Biden gears up for a campaign swing through the battleground state of Pennsylvania, he aims to highlight stark economic differences between himself and Trump, particularly focusing on his plans to raise taxes for the wealthiest Americans and corporations. Biden’s team emphasizes positive aspects of the economy, such as low unemployment rates, wage gains, and a downward trend in inflation compared to earlier in the administration.

Meanwhile, former President Trump is doubling down on his economic agenda during his campaign appearances. At a recent fundraiser in Florida, where he raised a staggering $50.5 million, Trump reiterated that extending the sweeping tax cuts approved by congressional Republicans in 2017 would be a core issue for his potential second term.

In the midst of campaign activities, Trump faces a challenging balance between the courtroom and the campaign trail, as his criminal hush money trial is set to commence on Monday. Additionally, the survey reveals that 54% of respondents believe Trump has committed serious federal crimes, while 37% disagree, echoing sentiments from the February Times/Siena poll.

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