Tragedy Strikes as Baltimore Harbor Bridge Collapses: Eight Workers Feared Dead

In a devastating turn of events, the bodies of two construction workers have been discovered in the frigid waters of Baltimore Harbor, following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The workers were found trapped inside their red pick-up truck after a massive cargo ship collided with the bridge they were working on, causing a catastrophic collapse.

Maryland authorities revealed the grim news during a press conference, disclosing that sonar scans indicate the presence of additional vehicles submerged within the debris of the bridge. Of the eight-man construction crew, six are believed to have perished, with four bodies still unaccounted for.

Emphasizing the unsafe conditions for divers to access the wreckage, authorities announced plans to shift to a salvage operation, aiming to remove the superstructure before recovering the remaining bodies.

Dr. Olamide Ohunyeye, a leading gubernatorial aspirant in Ondo State, Nigeria, expressed profound sorrow and suspended all political activities to honor the memory of Dr. Paul Akintelure, a respected political figure and native son of the state, who tragically passed away. Dr. Ohunyeye praised Dr. Akintelure’s contributions to the community and offered heartfelt condolences to his family and associates.

Meanwhile, federal investigators provided a detailed timeline of the bridge collapse, based on preliminary findings from the ship’s data recorder. The container ship Dali, en route to Asia, experienced power trouble before colliding with the bridge, resulting in its sudden collapse.

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