Toño Negron, the founder of Negron World record label, has expressed his admiration for Afrobeat, citing its unique blend of sounds that resonate deeply with the soul.


According to Negron, Afrobeat possesses a magnetic quality that captivates both the nerves and soul of listeners. Drawing parallels with his childhood love for salsa music, Negron acknowledges Afrobeat’s ability to evoke passion and inspiration, noting that it has spurred him to explore new musical territories.

Reflecting on his experiences working with artists from various countries, including South Africa and Nigeria, Negron expresses pride in the Afrobeat collaborations facilitated by Negron World. Highlighting tracks such as “Still on the Matter” and “Nigeria to Colombia,” as well as the label’s Afrobeat albums, Negron emphasizes the label’s commitment to promoting the genre’s rich diversity.

As a musician and music producer, Negron views himself as an explorer in the music world, guided by his passion for sound and rhythm. Drawing from his early experiences in the church choir, where he learned to play multiple instruments, Negron sees music production as a gateway to limitless creative possibilities.

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