Tolanibaj Urges Mohbad’s Widow to Sue Doubters if DNA Test Confirms Paternity

Former Big Brother Naija reality star and DJ, Tolanibaj, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the paternity of late Nigerian singer Mohbad’s one-year-old son, Liam. In a recent podcast episode co-hosted by Tolanibaj and actress Moet Abebe, the former advised Wunmi, Mohbad’s widow, to take a DNA test and sue anyone who questions the paternity of her child if the test confirms Mohbad as the father.

The controversy erupted after some Nigerians, including Wunmi’s father-in-law, Joseph Aloba, called for a DNA test to ascertain Liam’s true paternity following Mohbad’s tragic demise. While Wunmi initially expressed openness to a DNA test, she later reversed her stance, stating she is no longer willing to undergo the test.

However, Tolanibaj believes that Wunmi should proceed with the DNA test to silence her doubters once and for all. In the podcast teaser, she posed the question to her co-host Moet Abebe, who supported the idea of conducting the test to put an end to the speculation surrounding Liam’s paternity.

Tolanibaj emphasized that if the DNA test confirms Mohbad as Liam’s biological father, Wunmi should take legal action against those who questioned her child’s paternity. This bold stance reflects Tolanibaj’s support for Wunmi and her belief in the importance of vindicating her against unfounded doubts.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Tolanibaj’s advice highlights the significance of seeking clarity through scientific means and standing up against baseless accusations.

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