Toke Makinwa Opens Up About Fibroid Surgery Experience


Renowned Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa, has bravely shared her journey of undergoing surgery to remove 13 fibroids from her body. Her revelation came in the wake of Stephanie Coker’s documentary titled “Where the Heck is My Period.”

Makinwa disclosed that fibroids have been a prevalent issue among women in her family, with some resorting to womb removal due to its severity. Reflecting on her own experience, she recounted years of struggling with symptoms like irregular periods, bloating, and a distended abdomen.

Recalling her early days in the entertainment industry, Makinwa revealed the challenges she faced due to her condition, including constant speculation about her pregnancy status. She expressed frustration over having to wear multiple waist cinchers to conceal her belly, highlighting the societal pressure and scrutiny placed on women’s bodies.

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