Tobi Makinde Draws Inspiration from Singer Portable for Film Role

Tobi Makinde, known for his role as Shina in the acclaimed Nigerian movie “A Tribe Called Judah,” recently opened up about the challenges and inspirations behind his performance. In an exclusive interview, Makinde revealed that the character of Shina demanded him to venture into an unfamiliar realm of acting, pushing his creative boundaries.

For this role, Makinde drew inspiration from Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, a controversial Nigerian singer. The character Shina, as envisioned by Makinde, resonated with the persona of Portable. To accurately portray Shina, Makinde immersed himself in Portable’s social media presence, analyzing his videos and mannerisms. This approach was crucial for Makinde to embody the character’s street language and demeanor authentically.

“The character Shina stretched me creatively in the sense that I had to enter another realm, a realm that I had never been to before. Actors draw inspiration from so many things. Some draw from past experiences, and some draw from the experiences of other people,” Makinde explained.

“For me, I had to pick a reference and it was Singer Portable because when I saw the character that was being created, I felt that he was the best reference to use to interpret the role. I had to do to follow Portable on social media to watch his videos. He makes me laugh and I learned a lot from watching him do his thing. I also had to pull a lot of street language to bring the character to life.”

Makinde’s dedication to his craft and his innovative approach to character development highlight the complexities of acting and the diverse sources from which actors can draw inspiration. His portrayal of Shina in “A Tribe Called Judah” not only showcases his talent but also the influence of contemporary cultural figures like Portable in shaping the narratives and characters in modern Nigerian cinema.

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