Tiwa Savage Reveals Intoxicated Inspiration Behind Debut Movie ‘Water & Garri


Nigerian music sensation Tiwa Savage has disclosed an unexpected source of inspiration for her debut movie, ‘Water & Garri,’ admitting that the concept was born during a moment of intoxication.

Speaking at a pre-launch press conference held at the Livespot Entertainment Centre in Lagos, Tiwa Savage candidly shared the genesis of the film, stating, “I said this before, this is an idea I had in my head when I was drunk in my room, and when I brought the idea to my amazing team, they didn’t make me feel stupid. They actually just said this is a brilliant idea.”

‘Water & Garri,’ which premiered on Prime Video on May 10, delves into the narrative of Aisha (portrayed by Tiwa Savage), a young woman returning to her native home only to find it transformed beyond recognition. Alongside Tiwa Savage, the movie features Andrew Bunting as Kay, Mike Afolarin as Mide, and Jemima Osunde as Stephany.

Filmed against the scenic backdrop of Cape Coast, Ghana, the movie was directed by Meji Alabi, offering audiences a visually captivating experience coupled with a storyline rich in depth and emotion.

Tiwa Savage’s revelation adds a fascinating layer to the backstory of ‘Water & Garri,’ showcasing the creative process behind the project and the collaborative efforts that brought it to fruition.

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