Tiwa Savage and Simi Team Up to Explore the “Crazy” Nature of Men


Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has delved into the complexities of male-female dynamics in her latest collaboration with fellow artist Simi, titled “Men Are Crazy But I Still Want One In My Bed.”

In a recent interview on MTV Live, Savage discussed the inspiration behind the song and her experience collaborating with Simi, whom she hailed as “a queen in Afrobeats.”

“My collaboration with Simi is titled ‘Men Are Crazy But I Still Want One In My Bed.’ The inspiration behind it is that men are crazy but we can’t do without them,” Savage explained, offering insight into the thematic underpinning of the track.

Reflecting on their collaboration, Savage expressed admiration for Simi’s talent and described their partnership as “magical.” The synergy between the two artists, known for their distinctive styles and vocal prowess, promises to deliver a captivating musical experience for listeners.

“Simi is somebody that I’ve always wanted to work with. She is a queen in Afrobeats so both of us coming together on such an amazing track is magical,” Savage remarked, highlighting the significance of their collaboration in the contemporary music scene.


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