Solidstar Claims Hit Song ‘One In A Million’ Revolutionized Nigerian Music Scene

Embattled Nigerian singer, Joshua Iniyezo, popularly known as Solidstar, asserts that his chart-topping track ‘One In A Million’ sparked a transformative shift in the country’s music landscape. Speaking candidly on The Honest Bunch podcast, Solidstar reflected on the impact of his musical journey, emphasizing the profound influence of his distinctive sound.

Solidstar reminisced about the initial reception of ‘One In A Million,’ revealing how its unique blend of rhythm and melody led many to mistake him for a Ghanaian artist due to its unconventional style. “It was ‘One In A Million’ that paved the way for me in the music industry,” he affirmed, citing his win as the Best New Artist at the Nigerian Music Video Awards as validation of the song’s groundbreaking success.

Highlighting the song’s ripple effect, Solidstar pointed out its pivotal role in shaping subsequent hits within the industry, notably referencing its remix featuring 2Baba as the catalyst behind P-Square’s acclaimed track ‘Possibility.’ “The song changed the Nigerian music industry,” Solidstar declared, emphasizing how its slowed-down tempo and innovative approach spawned a wave of imitations across the scene.

As Solidstar reflects on his musical legacy, his assertions underscore the enduring impact of ‘One In A Million’ as a trailblazing anthem that not only propelled his career but also reshaped the sonic landscape of Nigerian music, leaving an indelible mark on generations to come.

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