Timini Egbuson Asserts: Bigger Than Zubby Michael in Quality, Box Office, and Popularity


Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson has confidently stated that he considers himself bigger than his colleague Zubby Michael in terms of the quality of movies, box office records, and popularity among industry experts. The assertion comes following a heated debate between the two actors on the Prime Video original reality show, ‘Ebuka Turns Up Africa.’

During a recent interview with Cool FM, Lagos, alongside Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Egbuson clarified his stance, emphasizing that his claim of being the “biggest actor” was not specifically targeting Zubby Michael but rather asserting his overall standing in the industry.

Responding to the host’s question about why he thinks he’s a bigger actor than Zubby, Egbuson explained, “I considered myself the biggest actor; it wasn’t about Zubby. It’s about bigger than everybody else. So, Zubby took it personal, which is obvious because he is also an actor that thinks he is big.”

Egbuson went on to break down his perspective by considering factors such as the quality, range, and number of movies, box office records, popularity among industry experts, and consistency. He concluded, “If you put them together, there is no way that Zubby would score higher than me.

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