Tiger Woods Optimistic about Masters Comeback, Eyes Record Sixth Green Jacket

Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer, expresses confidence in his ability to secure a sixth Green Jacket and 16th major title at this week’s Masters, provided everything aligns favorably for him on the course.

Since undergoing ankle surgery last April and withdrawing from the third round of last year’s Masters, Woods has seen limited action in competitive golf. However, the 48-year-old remains undeterred in his pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ record of six Masters wins and 18 major titles.

Speaking ahead of the Masters, Woods acknowledges the challenges he faces due to his previous injuries but remains optimistic about his prospects. He reveals that while his ankle is no longer a source of pain, other parts of his body now bear the brunt of his physical exertion on the course. Despite the daily aches and discomfort, Woods is determined to push through and compete at the highest level.

Reflecting on his recent performances, Woods admits to struggling with readiness and rhythm, citing his withdrawal from the Genesis Invitational in February due to illness. However, he remains hopeful that the condensed schedule of major championships in the coming months will allow him to find his stride and perform at his best.

When questioned about his withdrawal from recent tournaments, Woods candidly acknowledges that his body and game were not in the optimal condition for competition. Despite setbacks, he maintains a positive outlook, emphasizing the importance of finding a rhythm and consistency as he prepares for the challenges ahead.

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