Terry G Claims Portable Copied His Persona but Missed Musical Essence

Nigerian singer Gabriel Oche Amanyi, better known as Terry G, has asserted that his colleague Portable emulated his persona but fell short in replicating his musical prowess.

Speaking on the latest episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, which premiered on Monday night, Terry G revealed his thoughts on Portable’s emulation of his “character.”

“Portable picked the acting part of me. He didn’t pick the musical part of me. Music is about the instruments. Is it only about your voice? He didn’t create time to learn any instrument,” Terry G remarked.

While acknowledging Portable’s imitation of his persona, Terry G emphasized the importance of musical skills and instrumental proficiency, suggesting that Portable failed to fully embody his musical essence.

Additionally, Terry G addressed his past altercation with fellow artist AY. Com, shedding light on their dispute over the song “Pass Me Ur Luv.”

“I beat AY.Com, I produced ‘Pass Me Ur Luv’, sang the hook, and also had a verse on the song so nobody has the right to tell me not to perform that song at my shows. Moreover, he didn’t pay me for the production,” Terry G explained.

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