Teen Sensation Luke Littler Triumphs Amidst Boos in Premier League Darts Victory

In a thrilling night of Premier League Darts action in Liverpool, 17-year-old Luke Littler secured his third victory of the season, overcoming Rob Cross in a commanding 6-2 win. Despite being a fan favorite across the UK, Littler, a fervent Manchester United supporter, found himself on the receiving end of boos from the 8,500-strong crowd due to his football allegiance.

Undeterred by the hostile reception, Littler embraced the moment, playfully gesturing to the crowd and reveling in their reaction. Prior to his quarter-final clash, he even cheekily signaled “2-0” to the audience in reference to Liverpool’s recent defeat at the hands of Everton.

Littler’s exceptional form saw him race to a five-leg lead in the final, withstanding a brief resurgence from Cross to clinch the victory. With this win, he solidified his position at the top of the Premier League Darts table, edging closer to securing a spot in the playoffs at London’s O2 Arena on May 23.

Reflecting on his performance, Littler expressed his satisfaction with the outcome and his ability to thrive under pressure. Despite the adversity of facing a hostile crowd, he maintained his composure and delivered an impressive display on the oche.

Littler’s journey to victory showcased his growing confidence and maturity on the darts stage. As he continues to make waves in the world of professional darts, his resilience and talent mark him as a rising star to watch.

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