Tavernier Breaks Record as Rangers Triumph Over Hibernian

In a thrilling match, Rangers emerged victorious over Hibernian, with James Tavernier’s historic goal securing the win and reclaiming the top spot in the Scottish Premiership.

Key Points:

  1. Tavernier’s Record-Breaking Goal: Tavernier’s goal not only opened the scoring but also marked his 131st career goal, making him the highest-scoring defender in British football history. Manager Philippe Clement praised Tavernier’s incredible achievement and his commitment to the team.
  2. First-Half Drama: The match saw a flurry of action in the first half, with goals from Tavernier, Cyriel Dessers, and Myziane Maolida. Despite Hibs’ efforts, Rangers maintained control and secured a crucial lead before halftime.
  3. VAR Controversy: The match wasn’t without controversy, as VAR awarded Rangers a penalty, leading to a heated dispute from Hibs. Despite initial saves, Rangers capitalized on the rebound, further frustrating the opposition.
  4. Matondo’s Stunning Goal: Substitute Rabbi Matondo sealed the victory for Rangers with a magnificent curling effort, adding to the team’s impressive performance.
  5. Looking Ahead: With the Old Firm derby on the horizon, Rangers are now two points ahead of Celtic in the league standings. Both teams are gearing up for a highly anticipated clash next weekend.


  • Rangers’ Confidence: Despite facing tough competition, Rangers displayed confidence and control throughout the match, setting the stage for their upcoming fixtures, including the Old Firm derby.
  • Hibs’ Resilience: Hibernian showed resilience and character, particularly with Maolida’s equalizer, but ultimately couldn’t secure a favorable result. The team will need to regroup quickly for future challenges.

Manager and Player Reactions:

  • Philippe Clement expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance, highlighting their dominance on the field. Hibernian head coach Nick Montgomery acknowledged Rangers’ superiority but praised his team’s character.

Upcoming Matches:

  • Rangers will face Celtic in the Old Firm derby, while Hibernian will take on St Johnstone in their next fixture.
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