Tacha Contemplates Dating South African Men, Citing Discontent with Nigerian Men

Controversial reality TV star and media personality, Natacha Anita Akide, popularly known as Tacha, has stirred up a storm with her recent comments expressing disillusionment with Nigerian men and hinting at a potential shift in romantic preferences.

During her Big Friday Show on Cool FM, Lagos, Tacha candidly shared her frustration, stating that she is “getting tired of Nigerian boys” due to perceived unfair treatment of Nigerian women by Nigerian men.

In a candid exchange with her guest, Yvonne Godwin, who is in a relationship with fellow reality star Juicy Jay from South Africa, Tacha openly expressed her curiosity about dating a South African man. She sought insight into the experience, highlighting her growing interest in exploring relationships beyond Nigerian borders.

“How does it feel like dating a South African?” Tacha inquired, emphasizing her desire to understand the contrast between Nigerian and South African men’s treatment of women. She admitted to considering South African men as potential suitors, signaling a notable shift in her romantic preferences.

Yvonne, in response, painted a positive picture of her relationship with Juicy Jay, praising his open-mindedness, care, and genuine effort to understand and embrace Nigerian culture. She highlighted his attentive and affectionate nature, contrasting it with the perceived shortcomings of previous suitors.


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