Taaooma Shares Love Story: How She Met Husband Abula

Popular comedienne and skit maker Mariam Apaokagi, better known as Taaooma, has opened up about how she met her husband, Abdulazeez Greene, also known as Abula.

During an interactive session with her fans on X platform on Sunday, a curious fan inquired about the origin of their relationship. Taaooma revealed that she met Abula during his service year in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Responding to the fan’s question about her husband’s involvement in her production, Taaooma shared, “During his service year in Ilorin. Yeah, when I’m stuck, I run to him.. he has solutions to too many things.”

The revelation offers a glimpse into the couple’s journey from chance encounter to partnership, highlighting the role of mutual support and collaboration in their relationship. As Taaooma continues to entertain her audience with her hilarious skits, her fans eagerly await more insights into her personal life and creative process.

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