Squid Game Actor Oh Young-soo Convicted of Sexual Misconduct”

South Korean actor Oh Young-soo, renowned for his role in the acclaimed Netflix series “Squid Game,” faced judgment in a South Korean court on Friday, where he was found guilty of sexual misconduct. The 79-year-old actor received an eight-month suspended sentence and was mandated to attend sexual violence treatment classes, as per a New York Times report.

Despite Young-soo’s denial of the charges and his intention to appeal the verdict, the district court judge, Jeong Yeon-ju, in Seongnam, found him guilty of inappropriately hugging an actress, holding her hand, and kissing her cheek in 2017. Prosecutors initiated charges in 2022 following the actress’s complaint alleging inappropriate touching.

Judge Jeong Yeon-ju revealed that Young-soo’s actions extended over multiple occasions in 2017, including making potentially inappropriate sexual comments while in the woman’s rented room. Despite receiving sexual violence counseling in 2018 and attempting to suppress her distressful memories, the success of “Squid Game” prompted the woman to demand an apology from Young-soo, which he provided.

Young-soo denied kissing the woman and justified his actions, claiming he held her hand to assist her with carrying items. However, the judge deemed the woman’s accusations credible, despite arguments from Young-soo’s lawyers regarding inconsistencies in her narrative.

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