Solidstar Reveals Recovery Journey: Quits Smoking and Alcohol

Nigerian singer Joshua Iniyezo, popularly known as Solidstar, has opened up about his journey to recovery, revealing that he has quit smoking and alcohol consumption.

A few months ago, a distressing video surfaced online showing Solidstar looking disheveled and wandering aimlessly on the street, shared by his brother, Joseph. However, in a recent interview, the singer assured fans that he is now fine and healthy, attributing his transformation to giving up substance abuse.

“I am very well and healthy now. I have been out of the hospital for four months now, but I am still taking my medication. I no longer smoke or take alcohol,” Solidstar shared.

Reflecting on his past struggles, Solidstar emphasized the importance of communication, acknowledging that he became depressed because of his tendency to keep things to himself, leading him to perceive those around him as enemies.

Throughout his ordeal, Solidstar expressed gratitude for the support he received from friends, colleagues, fans, and family, highlighting the crucial role they played in his recovery journey.

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