Social Media Feud Erupts Between Ashmusy and Nons Miraj Over Alleged Relationship Interference

A heated social media feud has erupted between popular skit makers and close friends, Ashmusy and Nons Miraj, over allegations of interference in each other’s relationships.

The conflict escalated when Ashmusy shared a screenshot of a private conversation with Nons Miraj, accusing her of attempting to sabotage her relationship by pursuing her boyfriend. Expressing her frustration, Ashmusy vented her anger on Instagram, threatening to expose Nons Miraj and take the feud to a new level.

In response, Nons Miraj took to her own Instagram page to defend herself, refuting the allegations and accusing Ashmusy of making advances towards her boyfriend. Claiming that Ashmusy had crossed a line by chatting with her boyfriend behind her back, Nons Miraj warned against further provocation.

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