Social Media Drama: Davido Unfollows Producer Rexxie Following Grammy Shade


Tensions flare on social media as Nigerian singer Davido takes a decisive action, unfollowing record producer Rexxie on Instagram, following a subtle dig aimed at him regarding the prestigious Grammy Awards.

Rexxie, known for his acclaimed production work, recently engaged in a Twitter exchange where he boasted of his Grammy nominations, seemingly taking a swipe at Davido in the process. Claiming recognition for his contributions to Burna Boy’s Grammy-winning album “Twice As Tall” and the Grammy-nominated track “Do Yourself” by Angelique Kidjo and Burna Boy, Rexxie insinuated that he achieved Grammy recognition ahead of Davido.

In a now-deleted tweet, Rexxie boldly asserted, “Before your fav get Grammy I’ve already gotten it. I no use sympathy or dance with kids on uniform or attend the show early with my full squad and family members. Respect!” The statement, perceived as a veiled jab at Davido’s Grammy aspirations and public appearances, drew attention across social media platforms.

Davido, evidently displeased with Rexxie’s remarks, swiftly unfollowed the producer on Instagram, signaling his disapproval of the perceived slight. This development follows closely on the heels of Rexxie’s revelation just three weeks prior, where he disclosed Davido’s support during his detainment in Uganda, adding a layer of complexity to their recent social media interaction.

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