Skiibii Responds to Watch Controversy with Unexpected Gift Revelation


Nigerian singer Skiibii finds himself at the center of attention after being called out for wearing what appeared to be a “fake” Richard Millie wristwatch. The controversy erupted when a popular Instagram page, @Fakewatchbuster, shared images of Skiibii sporting the luxury timepiece, asserting that it was not an authentic Richard Millie.

Adding fuel to the fire, Skiibii’s ex-girlfriend, actress Ms DSF, chimed in with a playful jab, commenting “[laughing emoji] Made in Yaba,” implying that the watch was counterfeit.

In the wake of the public scrutiny, Skiibii took to social media to address the situation, revealing that the watch was, in fact, a gift. He shared a video on his Instagram story capturing the moment he received the wristwatch, expressing gratitude to his friend for the generous gesture.

In the video, Skiibii exclaimed, “My n*gga just gave me a Richard Millie just like that mehn. Adel, Hassan, just give me Richard Millie o! He comot ham say make I take,” shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the controversial timepiece.

The revelation adds a twist to the narrative, showcasing Skiibii’s candid response to the scrutiny and offering insight into the backstory behind the watch. As the discussion continues to unfold on social media, Skiibii’s transparency in addressing the controversy reflects his authenticity and resilience in the face of public scrutiny.

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