Skales Opens Up About Dating Over 100 Women, Reflects on Past Relationships

Popular singer Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, widely known as Skales, has made a candid revelation about his romantic life, disclosing that he has been in relationships with over 100 women.

The ‘Shake Body’ crooner shared this revelation during a recent episode of Drip Check, shedding light on his past experiences and personal growth.

“I feel like I’ve been a dad all my life. I’ve been taking care of women all my life [laughs]. I have dated over 100 women,” Skales candidly admitted.

Reflecting on his earlier years in the spotlight, Skales acknowledged that he was once a toxic boyfriend to many of the women he dated. He attributed this behavior to his youth and recklessness, admitting to making immature decisions.

“I did a lot of childish things. What do you expect from a teenager who is famous and has access to everything including women? There are a lot of good women that I have lost because of my childish behaviour. But because of experience, I’m becoming a better man now,” Skales reflected.

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