Seyi Awolowo Reveals Musical Preference and Industry Favorites in Candid Interview

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Seyi Awolowo, recently divulged his musical preferences and industry favorites in a candid conversation with Hip TV, sparking curiosity among fans.

When probed to choose between Nigerian music heavyweights Wizkid and Davido, Seyi initially hesitated, recognizing both artists as “national treasures.” However, pressed further, he eventually leaned towards Wizkid, stating, “Wow! Okay, I would say Wiz [Wizkid].”

The revelation stirred conversations among fans of the two musicians, highlighting the ongoing friendly rivalry between the camps of Wizkid and Davido.

Continuing the game of preferences, Seyi was asked to pick between comedy icons Alibaba and AY. Without hesitation, he chose Alibaba, showcasing his admiration for the veteran comedian.

Further delving into the entertainment industry, Seyi expressed his inclination towards local recognition over international accolades. He favored the Headies over the Grammys and the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) over the Oscars, emphasizing the significance of homegrown recognition in his career aspirations.

In a nod to his roots, Seyi also declared his preference for Lagos over his hometown, underscoring the vibrant and dynamic nature of Nigeria’s commercial capital.

Seyi’s candid responses offer insights into his personal preferences and underscore the diverse influences shaping the Nigerian entertainment landscape. As fans continue to engage with his choices, the conversation around musical tastes and industry favorites remains as lively as ever.

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