Seun Kuti Reveals Fela Kuti’s Charitable Legacy: No Inheritance Due to Philanthropy


Grammy-nominated singer, Seun Kuti, has opened up about his late father, Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti’s philanthropic endeavors, which left him with no inheritance.

Reflecting on his childhood, Seun Kuti recalled a time when his daily allowance surpassed his teacher’s salary, attributing this disparity to his father’s generous nature. He revealed that Fela Kuti, during his prime as Nigeria’s top musician, housed around 500 people in their residence, with approximately 1000 individuals benefiting from his philanthropy at the Kalakuta commune.

In a video message shared on his Instagram account, Seun Kuti expressed, “All the money I was meant to inherit, Fela used it to cater for people.” He elaborated on the extensive support provided within the Kalakuta community, where residents received daily allowances and weekly salaries, spanning various professions.


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